Mark Smith

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Mark Smith

Host, founder and Snowgums visionary

(updated 1 October 2022)

Mark, aged 53, raised in Newcastle but now residing in Western Sydney, left school at age 15 and has been on an adventure ever since including most recently studying Law at the University of Sydney (now in his final subject) having previously managed airports, been a leading travel agent at age 19 (and since travelling extensively), employed hundreds of people in a labour hire, engineering and project management company, worked on some huge property developments, founded a food export company from Australia and an import/trading companies in Singapore and Thailand. 

Mark holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), in 2021 Mark completing his Juris Doctor at the University of Sydney (postgraduate law Masters Degree, 24 units completed), is part way complete through a Graduate Diploma in Business Law at UNSW and is undertaking Practical Legal Training (Graduate Diploma In Legal Practice) in anticipation of being on the roll of the Supreme Court of NSW.

Mark sees great potential in Snowgums and is a glass half full kind of guy with a can-do attitude.

PS. Mark is responsible for all the ridiculously named sheep and for ensuring your time at Snowgums is amazing.

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