Snowgums Blog S1E8 – Bushfire Prone Land Map

Cabonne - Bushfire Prone Land Map

In this episode we discuss a land map covering all of the Cabonne Shire that, in some (many places) considers the land to be Bushfire Prone Land – High Risk (category 1), Medium Risk (category 3) or not affected.

Virtually all of Cabonne is impacted as the below map (sourced from Cabonne Council) classifies.

The writer believes that further consultation with affected landowners and rate payers is warranted.

Links – download documents referred:

Survey – 305 Nancarrow Lane, Nashdale – perhaps 1/2 of 61m frontage could be sterilised? click here to view survey.

South East Cabonne – Bushfire Prone Land map – click here to view

Cabonne Council – meeting agenda 28 September 2021 containing report on Bushfire Prone Land

Map of Cargo – bushfire prone land map

Map of Cabonne – areas affected – i.e. 99% of the land area affected.

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Snowgums Blog – S1E2 (Aftermath / Chainsaw Massacre)

The Snowgums Blog is a look at the typical goings on in Nashdale NSW at Snowgums Retreat, as well as looking at the history of the property and its surrounds.

In this episode we see the aftermath of a recent snow storm on our communities of native trees …

Here below is some photos of some of our beautiful grounds.

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