Heritage at Snowgums – Before & after renovations


before & afters

We are often asked about the place, how long we’ve owned it, what work we are doing to it, what work we have done. We trust the below pictures particularly before tell the story of the place and little and what we have done since its acquisition in about November 2016. The place was purchased via a mortgagee sale and had most recently been being used as a fruit pickers cottage – housing around 15-20 back packers. The gardens were very much in need of weeding and the grounds slashing. Since acquisition we have spent considerable time on these tasks as well as substantial rejuvenation internally and externally with an ecotourism development application (now lodged with Cabonne Council and undergoing assessment).


cropped-DSC_5244.jpg IMG_1853-COLLAGE

 Bedroom 1

Bedroom 1 Bedroom 1 IMG_0888-COLLAGE(2)

 Bedroom 2

cropped-053-20170801-IMG_8434-Edit-High-Res.jpg IMG_0816-COLLAGE

 Bedroom 3

Bedroom 3 Bedroom 3 F9EA3199-AC88-41E1-A400-91A693AAA48C-COLLAGE

 Bedroom 4

Bedroom 4 Bedroom 4 IMG_0765-COLLAGE

Living – sitting area

Sitting area Sitting area IMG_0762-COLLAGE(1)

Living – Kitchen & fire area

Sunnyside Country kitchen Country kitchen IMG_0801-COLLAGE (1)

Living – Lounge

Sunnyside IMG_0857-COLLAGE


View to the north-east View to the north-east IMG_0929-COLLAGE IMG_1588-COLLAGE

Gardens – front

DSC_5254 DSC_5259 DSC_5251

Paddocks & views rear


Wedding gardens & views (side)

DSC_5286 DSC_5492 DSC_5468 DSC_5283 DSC_5315 DSC_5467 DSC_5488 DSC_5497 DSC_5634 DSC_5484 DSC_5632